Otherworlds is a space for collective & individual evolution. We create conscious experiences and products to help you connect with yourself and the worlds around you.

We see a future where exploring deeper realms of consciousness, wisdom, and connection is as accessible and normalized as going to the gym for physical health. A future where healing substances and holistic wellness practices serve as tools for profound self-discovery and awakening.

Our mission is to create a regenerative ecosystem that not only supports individuals on their journey towards self-discovery, inner peace, and life-long growth but also serves as a sanctuary for transformative experiences that ripple into broader societal change.

Through an integrated approach combining mind-altering experiences, holistic healing modalities, and a curious community, we aim to be a catalyst for personal and societal transformation.

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Brooklyn, NY

For individual and collective internal exploration.

A collection of objects that support individual exploration.

Guided individual & communal experiences