Cereminal Chocolate

Organic chocolate hand-crafted to help you naturally explore beyond.

︎ Made in small batches
︎ 100% Organic
︎ Vegan
︎ Fair Trade Cacao
︎ Hand-harvested

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Dosage
  3. Ingredients
  4. Impact

01. General Guidelines

Consume with intention and respect. 

It's important to consider the "set and setting" of your experience. This refers to your mindset and physical environment, which can greatly affect the outcome.

If you're in a positive and supportive environment, with a clear and open mindset, you're more likely to have a positive experience. On the other hand, negative thoughts or an uncomfortable environment can lead to challenging effects. So, take the time to create a safe and supportive environment, with trusted friends or a sitter to guide you if needed. By doing so, you can increase the potential benefits and minimize the risk of negative effects.

If you're new to our chocolate, it's best to start with a lower dose and work your way up gradually to avoid any potential risks. Wait 20-40 minutes to feel the effects of your dose. You can always take more if you feel the need, but be sure to give the mushrooms enough time (1 to 2 hours) to take effect before you eat more.

Keep in a cool & dry place.
Handle with care and intention. 

If you have questions or need support, feel free to email

︎ Made with concious love and attention.

02. Dosage

With all doses, it's important to be in a safe and comfortable environment, with a trusted friend or sitter nearby to support you if needed. If you need a sitter please visit TripSitter︎︎︎


(1/2 - 1 square)
If you're looking for a mild and manageable experience, a "mini-dose" may be a perfect fit for you.

At this dose, you can expect to experience subtle effects like enhanced mood, creativity, and feelings of well-being. Colors may appear more vibrant, and you may find yourself more attuned to the natural beauty around you. You may also experience a mild increase in introspection and self-awareness, as well as a slight enhancement of sensory experiences like music and taste.

This dose can be a great way to explore the benefits without the more intense effects of a full dose. 


(2 - 3 squares)
You're in for a fun and interesting experience.

This moderate dose can produce some noticeable effects like altered perception, changes in mood, and mild sensory enhancements. You might notice colors appearing brighter, patterns appearing to move or breathe, or objects looking a little wavy or distorted.

You may also find that your senses are heightened, making music and food taste richer and more enjoyable. And while you might not experience the deepest introspection or self-reflection that comes with higher doses, you'll still have some interesting thoughts and insights to ponder.


(3 - 5 squares)
If you're looking for a more intense and immersive experience, a Full Dose may be just what you need.

At this dose, you can expect to see some significant effects like altered perception, heightened emotional states, and profound introspection. Colors may appear more vivid, patterns may move or breathe, and objects may appear distorted or warped.

You might also find that your emotions are intensified, and you may feel a strong sense of euphoria, joy, or love. Additionally, you may experience a deep sense of introspection and self-reflection, with profound insights into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


(6 - 7 squares)
If you're looking for a more intense and transformative experience, a Deep Dose may be just what you're looking for.

At this dose, you can expect to experience powerful effects like profound changes in perception, intense emotional states, and a deep sense of introspection.

Colors may appear more vibrant and alive, patterns may swirl and shift, and objects may seem to breathe or move in new and fascinating ways. Your emotions may be intensified, leading to feelings of awe, wonder, and profound love or empathy. Additionally, you may experience deep insights and revelations about your life, relationships, and personal journey.

However, it's important to remember that this dose comes with a higher risk of challenging or negative experiences, such as confusion or paranoia. So, it's crucial to be in a safe and supportive environment.


(8+ squares)
If you're an experienced psychonaut looking for a powerful and transformative experience, this dose may be just what you're looking for.

At this dose, you can expect to experience profound and intense effects, including radical changes in perception, deeply altered emotional states, and an almost complete dissolution of the self.  Colors may appear incredibly vivid, patterns may seem to twist and morph, and objects may appear to melt or dissolve into the surrounding environment.

Your emotions may be amplified to an almost overwhelming degree, leading to feelings of both ecstasy and terror. Additionally, you may experience powerful insights into your psyche, your relationships, and your place in the universe.

It's important to remember that this dose is not for everyone and comes with a significant risk of challenging experiences. So, it's essential to be in a safe and supportive environment.

03. Ingredients


70% Organic Fair Trade Dominican Cacao, Organic Raw Coconut Sugar, Cordyceps (Fruiting Body), Lions Mane (Fruiting Body), Enigma Blend, 24k Monatomic Gold Oil, Inca Sun Salt

  • Organic hand-harvested sun dried fruiting body mushrooms
  • Ethically sourced Fair Trade Dominican Cacao
  • Made in small thoughtful batches

04. Impact

1% of profits

All profits generated through the sale goes directly to community voted organizations. Funds get transferred at the end of the year.